Death Note Meme: [4/5] Favorite Characters → Mihael Keehl/Mello
I am your narrator, your navigator, your storyteller. For anyone else but those two, my identity may be of no interest to you, but I am the world’s runner-up, the best dresser that died like a dog, Mihael Keehl. I once called myself Mello and was addressed by that name, but that was a long time ago.

Good memories and nightmares.
TITLE: ZnT OST 2 - juno
ARTIST: Kanno Yoko

54 plays

Zankyou no Terror OST 2
Track 10 - juno
by Kanno Yoko

TITLE: ZnT OST 2 - ドブと小舟と僕らの神話
ARTIST: Yuuki Ozaki (Galileo Galilei)

52 plays

Zankyou no Terror OST 2
Track 7 - ドブと小舟と僕らの神話
by Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei)

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TITLE: ZnT OST 2 - cket
ARTIST: Kanno Yoko

366 plays

TITLE: ZnT OST 2 - kvak
ARTIST: Kanno Yoko

156 plays

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Two dragons in the sky. And before me, three children of dragons.
And there is a possibility there may yet be more.
running and flying about my castle as they please... caps [x]